Chronological Resume

• WareOnEarth Communications • 

 • Berlin Consulting Associates •

 • George Mason University • 

 • Institute for Clinical Information • 

 • Kendall Square Research • 

 • Rockwell International •

 • Cray Research • 

 • U.S. Air Force •


WareOnEarth Communications, Inc., Chief Scientist

Provided thought and concept leadership for information assurance innovator and professional services practice, including information assurance architecture, intrusion detection, and other elements of the whole security framework. Created the conceptual framework for the Hypership technology, Trusted Information Exchange ™, which now is the anchor of the brand name. Worked with DOD and other agencies in providing highest quality policy essential to a successful security program. Accomplishments over two year period included: 

  • Created concept of Trusted Information Exchange™ both to define the market context for Hypership™ technology, and to assure that the company's IA products could be integrated across enterprise and focused trusted zones. 
  • Sought and negotiated license for commercialization of the DOE/DOD JIDS project software, resulting in a commercial intrusion detection system product now provided by WCI. 
  • Participated directly with a broad array of IA-related projects and initiatives. 
  • Defined and helped to establish SecureBuild Software System Engineering Process 
Berlin Consulting Associates, Inc., President and Business Owner

Established company to provide technology, policy, and marketing strategy consulting. Clients have included Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, national laboratories, and government organizations, relating to both government and commercial markets. Company in existance for over 15 years, with staff of between 1 and 10 employees and consultants, according to client needs. Representative accomplishments include:

  • Developed and helped client management team implement strategy that introduced small company into new integration business area and resulted in three major consecutive competitive wins and positioning as a recognized, potentially dominant player in the market previously dominated by major aerospace companies
  • Member of Test and Evaluation Working Group that wrote the DOD Test and Evaluation HPC Modernization Plan submitted to the Congress in 1999. 
  • A principal author of the USAF Supercomputing Master Plan (1987) which became blueprint for the Army Supercomputing Plan and, later, the DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Plan 
  • Identified and led team to implement proposal strategy credited by a large aerospace client's customer as a critical factor resulting in a major high-visability competitive win
  • Consulting strategist to help develop the SDI National Test Bed concept for simulation-driven acquisition of strategic defense technologies. 
  • Selected by FAA Administrator as “Blue Ribbon Consultant” to Identify Problems with and oversee restructuring of $1 billion information system outsourcing project; results credited by the Congress for saving over $100M and by GAO for identifying strategy to put program on a success-oriented course 
  • Proposed and sold concept that resulted in establishment of the White House Cabinet Council on Competitiveness 
  • Advised national laboratory concerning collaborative technology enterprises for technology transfer
  • Testified before U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Technology Innovation (reauthorization of Stevenson-Wydler Innovation Act)
  • Testified as lead witness before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology, concerning high performance computing & communications innovation and policy 
  • Advisor to corporate clients concerning government relations strategies, including both Congressional and executive branch marketing and issue advocacy
  • Invited speaker at various conferences and special events regarding implications of globalization of high performance computing-based modeling and simulation, and related topics
  • Advisor to CEOs of two section 8A minority business concerning strategies for transition from restricted to open competition business models
  • Consultant to Defense Intelligence Agency on matters related to analysis of worldwide computational capabilities 
  • Consultant to State Department to assist in development of COCOM positions relating to export control of high speed computers and software; assisted in preparation for bilateral negotiations regarding supercomputer export control policy harmonization with Japan
  • Created and helped implement marketing strategies for applying advanced computational technologies to intelligence community challenges 
  • Helped lead client action team to define systems engineering vision and branding strategy for a major division of one of the world's largest consulting firms 
The George Mason University, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Teaching assignments over the last five years include approximately 200 students per year in two courses, Computer Architecture and Computer Ethics and Society, as well as invited lectures as part of the distinguished lecture series of the School of Information Technology and Engineering, Computer Science Department. 

Institute for Clinical Information Corporation, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder

Co-founded company as a “virtual corporation” linking over 40 senior independent experts in clinical information, established to help organizations improve the nation's health care through timely access to clinical information. Actively involved as a consultant to ICI clients during the start-up stage of the company. Continued service on corporate board for 2 years. 

  • Created personnel and compensation frameworks for employees and consultants 
  • Recruited company president and board chairman 
  • Conceived of and led implementation team to capture major collaboration to develop and test clinical information process re-engineering software tools 
  • Advised major health care provider on intellectual property and value creation strategy as a basis for corporate market development and growth strategy
  • Helped create clinical information strategy for major pharmaceutical company
  • Led development of and wrote initial document to articulate Congressionally-mandated patient medical record strategy for the Department of Defense
  • Established case for and designed initial strategy for major "roll-up merger" designed to create value based on information and customer channel metrics
Technology Transfer Business Magazine, Senior Editor

Wrote feature articles and assisted, over a period of one year tenure, the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher in determining the editorial map for the quarterly publication. Features focused on key market areas undergoing transition and presented major technology transfer opportunities, including: “A Farewell to Arms” (transition of U.S. defense weapons laboratories);“Driving Toward the Future” (defense technology applied to transportation); and “Going for the Green” (defense technology applied to environmental markets). 

Kendall Square Research, Inc., Vice President of Strategy & Government Affairs

Recruited to help with early marketing and a successful initial public offering of this innovative manufacturer of shared memory parallel high performance computer systems. In addition to helping the company to establish its initial government and laboratory marketing strategies, engaged as part of special project teams, to target new applications for shared memory highly parallel computing. 

  • Envisioned and helped establish funding for the first major health informatics consortium linking high performance computing, advanced database retrieval and understanding technologies, and computer-based patient records 
  • Helped create the first industry-based, scalable shared memory teraflop proposal presented to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Facilitated establishment of KSR-user collaborations at three major HPC centers 
  • Established and led a multi-faceted government relations and related marketing program that resulted in significant visability in policymaking and key defense user opportunities
StratServ International/601 Group, Inc., President

Ask by investor group to lead a newly created office services business. Initiated turnaround of an existing shared office space business acquired by the group, while assisting in negotiation of two additional pending acquisitions. When it became clear that the group lacked the financial resources to support its business objectives, recommended and helped execute sale of assets and close-out. 

Rockwell International, Corporate Director for Strategic Program Development

“One man think tank” aerospace business capture strategist. Advocated actions required to position company for future business. Interpreted key issues and trends in national security and space technology and strategy, particularly related to strategic programs and command and control. 

  • Led corporate team to define strategic defense political marketing strategy 
  • Initiated development of "Mission Integration" concept within systems engineering framework
  • Served on the DOD Strategic Defense Technology Applications Advisory Panel 
  • Created and acted as principal author of a monthly “strategy letter” to report directly to Rockwell senior management concerning critical strategic trends 
  • Focused on national and defense policy and market relating to military, research and commercial space, including SDI, space control and related issues
Cray Research, Inc., Vice President of Government Relations

Senior corporate representative to official Washington, the government R&D community, and segments of the defense Community; and a principal strategist for government, prime contractor, and university marketing. Management responsibility for the Cray Research Washington Office operations. 

  • Created, staffed, and directed corporate Washington Office responsible for legislative affairs, export control policy, high level government and prime contractor marketing
  • Directed corporate liaison to the defense intelligence community and led effort to introduce supercomputing solutions into key national programs and contractors 
  • Facilitated inter-agency and inter-governmental negotiations required for export licenses of supercomputing, expediting approvals by as much as three months 
  • Collaborated with White House, Defense, State and Commerce senior executives to help create the first comprehensive supercomputer export control regime 
  • Directly facilitated over $60 million of supercomputer sales to key new customers, including the first US aerospace corporate users (Rockwell), the National Aerodynamics Simulator (NASA Ames), the Air Force Weapons Lab Cray-2, and the SDI National Test Bed. 
  • Helped create the national supercomputing initiative that established the National Science Foundation Supercomputing Centers Program and the NSFNet (Internet) 
  • Collaborated with Congressional, Agency and White House leadership to help define and establish the first interagency, coordinated supercomputing national research and access initiative (eventually became the National HPCC Initiative).. 
United States Air Force, Commissioned Officer 

Over 20 years of service, including both active duty and reserve appointments, as a computer scientist and project manager. Assignments resulted in both broad hands-on technical IT experience and varying levels of responsibility. Major highlights included: 

Defense Intelligence Agency, Special Project Officer
Advisor to agency concerning assessments of foreign computational capabilities and related developments. Briefed members of the Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee (STIC) concerning globalization of HPC & related expertise. 

U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Assistant Program Manager
Evaluated research proposals in computational science and mathematics, particularly focused on emerging parallel processing architectures and algorithms. Assisted in final selection and funding decisions. 

Federal Computer Performance Evaluation and Simulation Center (FEDSIM), Senior Project Manager and Consultant
Selected by the U.S. Air Force as one of a small team of experts that provided consulting services throughout U.S. federal government in computer performance evaluation, resource planning and implementing acquisition of major information systems and networks. Completed engagements for the Navy, Air Force, Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Social Security Administration, and the General Services Administration. 

Office of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Special Consultant and Acting Project Director, Hamlet Evaluation System
Tasked with managing “rescue” of the Hamlet Evaluation System and its related data processing operations, following an abrupt departure of the original contractor. Managed an all-Vietnamese staff of analysts, programmers and operations personnel at the central systems center. 

U.S. Support Activities Group, Thailand, Computer Applications Systems Analyst and Programmer
COBOL, FORTRAN, SIMSCRIPT and IBM Assembler programmer and systems analyst assigned in support of various military and allied efforts in Southeast Asia. 

Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Logistics Command, Chief,Technical Training
Managed a small “school” that provided technical training to a staff of approximately 1400 computer technical personnel assigned to the command. Supervised development of new courses. teaching selected courses, and otherwise supporting Command priorities. 

Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Logistics Command, Computer Systems Analyst
Created first proposed system design for initial automation of the USAF engineering drawing repository. Developed analytic model used by the Command to project future requirements for computer systems needed to migrate legacy systems from at least three outdated technology architectures; model was eventually used to justify budget requests to the Congress. Technical consultant and corporate "trouble shooter" concerning hardware, software, design and change management related to efforts to design and introduce the first fully transaction driven world-wide Air Force logistics supply-chain system.