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F. Brett Berlin, President, Berlin Consulting Associates, Inc.(BCA), and Partner, Institute for Scientific Simulation,LLC.(SSI), is a computer scientist with over 30 years experience as a consultant, technologist and technology executive. He also is Chief Technology Advisor to the International Internet Telephone Organization (IITO); is a Vice President of the Washington DC Region Chapter of the Internet Society (DCISOC), and serves as a member of: the International Advisory Board of the Institute for Business and Technology Ethics (IBTE), the Security Architecture Review Panel for the U.S. Treasury Financial Management Service's Secure Payment System (currently under development by High Performance Technologies, Inc.(HPTi), the ENUM Forum of the IETF, and the Advisory Board of the Virginia China Technology Business Council (VCTBC). 

He serves as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University. Until recently, he was Chief Scientist of WareOnEarth Communications, Inc., a leader in internet information assurance, and in Trusted Information Exchange for secure peer-to-peer communication. Previously, he held positions as Vice President, Government Relations, Cray Research, Inc.; Vice President, Strategy and Government Affairs, Kendall Square Research; Corporate Director, Strategic Program Development, Rockwell International; and as an Air Force computer scientist. 

F. Brett Berlin is President of Berlin Consulting Associates, Inc. (BCA). He is also Chief Technology Advisor of the International Internet Telephone Organization (IITO) and a Chief Scientific Advisor (consultant) to WareOnEarth Communications, a leader in internet information assurance and Trusted Information Exchange to enable secure peer-to-peer communication. While Chief Scientist of WCI, he led in the development of  the Trusted Information Exchange conceptual framework and trust model for the  implementation of the patented Hypership technology and business process. Previously, he served as the corporate lead in development and oversight of the WCI  SecureBuild software engineering gate process and supported projects related to  network security policy for the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN). 

Mr. Berlin is also currently involved in future infrastructure and community service. He is a member of the Advisory Board   of the Institute for Business and Technology Ethics (IBTE), serves as a member of the Security Architecture Review Panel   for the U.S. Treasury Financial Management Service's Secure Payment System, is a recent member of the Lawrence   Livermore National Laboratory External Network Security Advisory Panel and of the ENUM Forum of the Internet   Engineering Task Force (IETF). In addition, he currently serves as Vice President of the DC Chapter of the Internet   Society (ISOC) , is a founding member of the Advisory Board of the Virginia China Technology Business Council and is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the George Mason University. He is also a member of the leadership team of the   Alexandria Permanent Scholar-Athlete Foundation, an organization established to help T.C. Williams High School athletes  grow into scholar-citizen young adults. 

In 1986, Mr. Berlin founded Berlin Consulting Associates, Inc., a small business established to provide strategy and   implementation advice to entrepreneurial company, institutions and government executives. In his consulting role, Mr Berlin has completed engagements for a wide range of clients, from major government laboratories and agencies and  Fortune 100 corporations to entrepreneurial ventures. Client projects have spanned applications of high performance  information technology to defense and aerospace mission challenges, research and development, health care, complex database systems, outsourcing, systems engineering process and business development. He has provided technology policy consulting in areas ranging from the role of government and academia in HPC, to national competitiveness. Finally, Mr.  Berlin has provided counsel concerning management and technology product issues for corporate strategic transactions. He has also served as a specially appointed “Blue Ribbon Consultant”, including special major program problem-solving assignments in support of the FAA, the Department of Transportation, and other organizations. In this capacity for the FAA, he led the restructuring of a $1.5B outsourcing and helped charter the CIO organization As a special consultant to the  Department of Defense , and to the Director, Defense Developmental Test and Evaluation, he was a primary author of the DoD Test and Evaluation HPC Master Plan, and served as a member of the Distributed Center Technical Evaluation  Panel. 

Since founding his consulting practice in 1986, Mr. Berlin has taken “sabbatical” from his consulting practice on two   previous occasions, to accept short-term strategy and marketing executive positions with client companies. From August   1991 through December, 1992, he joined Kendall Square Research Corporation, a manufacturer of shared memory parallel high performance computer systems, as Vice President of Strategy and Government Affairs. In addition to helping establish   initial government and laboratory marketing strategies that helped lead to a successful public offering, he engaged in a  number of special projects to target new applications for shared memory highly parallel computing. For example, he envisioned and helped establish funding for the first major health care informatics consortium linking high performance computing, advanced database retrieval and understanding technologies, and computer-based patient records. 

From October 1987 through October 1988, Mr. Berlin served Rockwell International as Corporate Director, Strategic  Program Development. In this position, he identified and analyzed emerging issues key to the company's future technology  (primarily defense) business, based on joint analysis of technology directions, emerging national/international political policy, global military strategy, and Rockwell defense and commercial corporate interests. He also focused on development of integrated space policy as well as on strategic defense. 

As part of his consulting practice, Mr. Berlin also has been involved in entrepreneurial ventures. In 1993, he was a co-founder of the Institute for Clinical Information, Inc., a “virtual corporation” linking a network of world-class experts in clinical information. He served as the Vice Chairman of the Board. From 1990 to 1991 (when the business was sold), he was President of the 601 Group, Inc., a new company organized to provide shared office space and business services to  professional services firms and small businesses. 

Prior to establishing his company, Mr. Berlin was a Vice President and corporate officer of Cray Research, Inc., where he  served as the company's representative to official Washington, the government R&D community, and segments of the  defense Community. He also served as a principal strategist for government, prime contractor, and university marketing; and was the lead policy executive for matters regarding international technology transfer and trade matters of significance  to Cray Research's global customers. During his tenure with Cray, he was the corporation's focal point for science and  technology policy, as well as major initiatives -- such as the National Science Foundation and Department of Energy's supercomputing centers programs. Working with a broad community of leading scientists and senior government and  Congressional principals, Mr. Berlin was one of the architects of the government initiatives that later grew into the  interagency Federal High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative. He was also a prime architect of the Air  Force Supercomputing Master Plan, which was the template for the current DoD HPC Modernization Program.

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